Makes Me Wanna Shout!

My charming and talented friend, Jaime Temairik Hedquist, won* (*editor’s correction: in my enthusiasm and excitement, I missed the small detail that Jaime’s manuscript was nominated for, rather than won) the Sue Alexander Award at the recent SCBWI conference in LA. Here’s the official description of this great honor:

Selected from manuscripts submitted for individual critique at the SCBWI Conference in Los Angeles, the Sue Alexander Most Promising New Work Award is given to the manuscript deemed most promising for publication. Critiquers at the Los Angeles conference determine the finalists. Until her sudden death in July 2008, Ms. Alexander made the final selection. Now, a three-member panel from Sue’s writing group of 20 years makes a final selection after the conference.

Woo-hoo, Jaime!!!

We first met years ago when poor Jaime got stuck seated next to me at an SCBWI some years ago. Because she made me laugh so darned much, I coaxed her into helping me coordinate Western Washington SCBWI’s Inside Story, a twice-yearly celebration of local book creators and their newest books. She is also the mastermind behind Zombie Sock Puppets, conference mascots and this terrific blog. I am blessed to have hanging on my walls some of her amazing and cheeky art.

In addition to being a smart and imaginative illustrator, Jaime has a heart as big as Texas. This honor couldn’t happen to a nicer gal.

I’m pretty sure the Isley Brothers would agree with me.

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  1. CocoaStomp

    Thank you, Kirby, for such positive thinking, but, no, no! NOMINATED! NOMinated! I am nominated along with a bunch of other awesome people like fellow Team Blogger Lee Wind. I don’t know when the award gets announced, but it will be a while.