Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

I always feel a tug this time of year remembering the Gulf Coast. It was stunning, really, when I arrived in Pearlington, Mississippi four months after the hurricane and . . .didn’t hear anything. No bugs. No birds. They’d all been blown away.

I met resilient people that trip like Lula and again when I went Houma, Louisiana a year later and helped Chris and Shellen build an apartment on top of their barn — the only structure left standing on their property.

Those experiences and serendipity led to a book that changed my life. Not only did it launch a wonderful writing partnership with my friend, Mary Nethery, the story of those two four-legged friends has spoken to the hearts of so many readers. Mary and I dedicated the book to all of the pet rescue volunteers who came to New Orleans to help, but especially to Best Friends Animal Society, the organization that rescued Bobbi and Bob Cat (we donate 10% of our authors’ royalities to Best Friends in appreciation of their efforts).

They’ve just put out an amazing video, for the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, showing four incredible reunion stories. Warning: have kleenex handy when you watch.

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  1. MollyMom103

    I’m going to be thinking about connection of meaningful experience and serendipity all day today. Bless you there, Kirby.