Wordy Wednesday

I bought this flashcard years ago and keep it pinned to my inspiration board.

Mind you, I’m not a hugely daring person. But I did step out of my comfort zone last year to go to Qatar and Lebanon, and to bring Winston into our lives. And, ever since reading Sarah Miller’s adventure, I’ve secretly been wanting to be brave enough to do the same thing. After reading an article about a woman who started a circus arts school in Seattle, and then driving past the Emerald City Trapeze School last Thursday on our way to the Mariner’s game, I was certain the universe was sending me a message. But I’m not quite brave enough. Yet.

Other things I want to dare to do in my life: dial 1-800-Car Talk; take the Therapy Team test with Winston; learn to salsa; do crow pose in yoga; make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourginoine; . . .I won’t bore you with the entire list.

One daring thing I do tackle, however, is to sit myself at this very computer, in the very chair I’m seated in at this moment, nearly every day, and string together sentences in hopes of finding a story in the whole grand, glorious mess.

What about you? What “dares” do you dream to dare?

Tell me!

I dare you.

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  1. Grier Jewell

    I’d like to be a character in the Disneyland parade, but my feet are too big, so I’m settling for a gig as a literacy mascot—Booker T. Bear. I’ll be living the dream on August 28th.