Dear Abby. . .I mean, Dear Kirby

Okay, I’ve had a request from my blog readership (no, it wasn’t my mom) to start an occasional column called, Dear Kirby, where people could ask questions about the writing life, marketing, the craft, etc.

Would ANYONE beside the requester read such a column????

If so, what are your questions? I may have to call in the troops to help answer them as what I know would fit on a strawberry seed.

It’s in your hands, dear readers.

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  1. Erin M. Blakemore

    I would…there are some things in publishing that get MORE mysterious as I go on and not less!

    Question: how do you handle your time as a busy, jet-setting, in-demand writer of fabulosity? 🙂

  2. Caroline Starr Rose

    I’d love to read! As I’m starting to think about marketing myself (FYI: I’m using HATTIE as a comp. title), it would be helpful to hear what worked for you.

  3. holly cupala

    Oh, I would. My current question is, how does one find time to write (much less sleep?) after selling a book? That’s sort of rhetorical…maybe.

    I would love to hear about your process, and revising, and character development, and solving hairy plot problems.

  4. SiriusStar2329

    Hi there! ^_^ I would definitely read that column, because as an aspiring writer myself, it would be imperitive for me to get as much advice and information as I can get in order to get a step in the door to get my stories published. I have two stories that I have finished writing, and one I just started, and it has proven so hard in order to get the attention of literary agents and publishers. The children’s literity business has gotten so competitive and active these days, and it’s disheartening to know how hard it is to get into it. Please, if there is any advice anyone can give, it would be beyond grateful. I look forward to reading it, and I am so looking forward to more of the Greek Girls books. ^__^