Copy edits

I’ve been working on the copyedits of The Friendship Doll and, while I appreciate the sharp eyes of CE — who picked up that I changed one character’s name from Mrs. Trenton to Mrs. Trent midway through, something my editor and I COMPLETELY missed — I also found myself feeling very low after two days of work.

Could it have something to do with 176 manuscript pages that look like this?

I look at all that purple and think, what do I know about writing? Mr. Random House made a big mistake in signing on this book. Now everyone knows how ignorant I am.


I know it’s childish, and I’m ashamed to admit this, but it makes me feel very, very good, every once in awhile, to pick up my red pencil and write STET in the margin, in big bold letters, so hard the imprint goes through to the next page.

Then I go back to meekly accepting CE’s changes.

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