Ten in 2010

One of the lovely book suggestions I’ve garnered from Nancy Pearl was this charmer:

When Wanderers Cease to Roam: A Traveler’s Journal of Staying Put, by Vivian Swift. I’m only allowing myself to read one month at a time, and during the right month (i.e., to read January’s entry in January); however, I got behind so read April’s section a few nights ago. Swift talks about April being the month of Lost and Found and I was taken with that notion, thinking it’d be a lovely one for our challenge this month. Here’s my effort:

March 31, 1915-April 27, 2005

Gone, but not lost.
Not as long as violets bloom.

(PS: I have a great time doing these 10 word “stories,” but am having a heck of a time coming up with themes each month. Suggestions gladly accepted!)

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