I know I’m not the only author to have signed up for google alerts about myself or my books. It’s easy to do and mostly fun. Except when I read reviews from teens who give Hattie a 3 out of 5.


But tonight I found a mention I hadn’t seen before. Someone has actually compiled quotes from Hattie Big Sky!!!

I feel like I’ve made it to the big time!!!

The compilers left out one of my favorites, however. It’s when Hattie remembers laying out on her aunt and uncle’s back lawn, feeling like she “could stretch out [her] arms and [her] fingertips and rake them across the underside of the heavens and end up with a fistful of stars.”

But still. To think someone’s quoting my book!

Pretty cool.

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  1. kcushman

    3 0f 5 stars? A rave compared to this:

    The Midwife Apprentice: 1 out of 6 stars
    Historical fiction book report

    Do you like books where the characters speak in accents, and really don’t grab your attention at all? Then this is the book for you! It takes place in colonial times and it’s about a girl named Alyce, who lives in Boston, but everyone calls her Beetle or Humbug because they all hate her.

  2. Kirby Larson

    Oh, Karen. Ouch. But I never knew Alyce lived in Boston! 😉 Maybe the reviewer meant another Midwife’s Apprentice. . .

  3. Grier Jewell

    Sheesh you guys… The skin-thickening process doesn’t seem to have any end in sight. I feel rejected just reading this.

    I’ll have to go back and read those fabulous HATTIE quotes to pick me up. 😉