Wordy Wednesday

Here’s a word I really like: award. And Mary and I have just found out that

has won its 3rd state children’s choice award, this time in North Dakota. The librarian who shared the good news wondered if the kids connected with the Bobs’ story because of the horrible flooding in North Dakota in recent years; Grand Forks is only now completely rebuilt. It’s such an honor to think the Bobs’ courage and our words are giving comfort and inspiration to kids there.

In addition to, “Congratulations,” some other words/phrases I love are “Hi, Mom,” “Yes, we want to publish your book,” and “Let us upgrade you to first class,” (though I’ve yet to hear those words from any airline).

Seriously, words that make my day include those similar to what a young lady recently wrote me: “You inspired me to be a writer when I grow up.” And it feels so great when a reader really gets what I’m trying to do and takes time to share that with me.

What are your feel-good words/phrases? Please share!

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  1. Jeanne Byington

    I never tire of “We’re using your client’s news;” or “as you always say….” and the person uses a favorite phrase of mine; “what do you think?” and “thank you.” I wouldn’t mind “you won the lottery.”

    Congratulations on your children’s choice award!

  2. Grier Jewell

    Congratulations about the 2B’s! I think it’s more than a connection with the flooding that the kids in ND responded to–it’s that basic human need to know that things will be okay no matter what, and that friends/loved ones take care of each other. The world is being portrayed as more frightening and threatening all the time (thanks, in large part, to the news). To be able to touch base with something real, honest and good makes life okay for another day. Plus, you and Mary have an extraordinary gift for bringing stories to life without getting in the way.

    (And my favorite word is persimmon. I say it everyday at least nine times.)

  3. Kirby Larson

    Persimmon is a very good word, indeed. I shall bring you some, Grier, next time I see you. . .if they’re in season.