How Many Persimmons is Too Many?

So the editorial assistant has pointed out that in as-yet-untitled-manuscript, I use the word “persimmon” three times. Now, I happen to know that persimmons are very, very good for you. Persimmon is a perfectly acceptable word. I doubt that it could be overused.

Or could it?

I went back and counted (thanks to “Find”). I actually used the word nine times! Sigh.

In my last book, my pet word was “slumped.” I won’t embarrass myself by telling you how many times it was used.

You must have a pet word, too. I’ll trade you one persimmon for whatever it is that you’ve got.

As long as it’s not “slumped.”

3 Responses to “How Many Persimmons is Too Many?”

  1. Tricia

    Okay, I’ll bite, though these aren’t my stories. My son pointed out during our reading of HP3 that Rowling liked the word clambered. It appears a lot! (I suppose it stood out because I had to keep explaining what it meant!)

    I have finally decided to read TWILIGHT since I feel like an outsider not knowing anything about it. The word I keep seeing is loped. That’s the way everyone seems to move (at least the men do.)

    And when I was writing my dissertation, the word that kept cropping up was impetus. Thank goodness my roommate read for me. We managed to cut it back to only appearing once. Before that the number was in the double digits!