Wordy Wednesday

I’m pretty predictable: my morning walk with Winston the Wonder Dog follows the same route every day. Despite that, there’s always something new to see: the raspberry sherbet hyacinth poking up in that tremendous corner garden, a flicker tap-tap-tapping at a tree for some juicy grubs, the latest sidewalk chalk creation of the little girls up the street.

I also pass by a church with a readerboard out front. Today’s message: “Anger is just one letter away from danger.”

That reminded me that, last week, a salesclerk named “Kabrina” helped me. Her mom or dad obviously changed one letter of the more well-known Sabrina to create her name.

It got me to wondering: what other words out there can be changed by changing (adding or subtracting) a letter?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Grier Jewell

    What a fun challenge. Here are a couple you’ve probably seen:
    And one that only I have to live with

  2. Emilie

    I passed by the same church the other day and have been playing with words in my head ever since:) The most relavent to me has always been how “Emilie” is only (2) letters off from “Emily,” one of the most popular names of the past two decades. You’d think this change would be simple for people to master when I say “not -y, but -ie,” but they always make me spell out the whole thing, usually twice.

    “County” and “country” only differ by one letter, and I always have to look at them closely.