Warning: Brag Alert

Oh my goodness — I can hardly sit still long enough to type this message! Mary and I just found out tonight that the Two Bobs WON (!!!!!) the Keystone to Reading award. That means that a kajillion (give or take) kids in Pennsylvania read the Bobs, along with a bunch of other amazing books, and decided they liked the Bobs the best. Do you know how harsh/critical/honest kids are??!!

This is the coolest award ever.

Okay, I know that my friend Peg Kehret has won like 197 Young Readers Choice Awards (at least two for every state). Have you seen her necklace of charms? Amazing. We’ll never be able to compete with Peg. But it doesn’t matter.

Mary and I are each floating on our own individual cloud nines — hers is over Eureka, California and mine is over Kenmore, Washington– tonight after learning about this news.

Thank you, young readers of the Keystone state for this incredible honor.

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  1. Elaine Marie Alphin

    Joyous congratulations coming your way, Kirby! Plus more congrats wending their way to Eureka for Mary. This is wonderful news, and so well deserved. I’m delighted for you!

  2. Maria

    Kirby, you live in Washington. There’s always a cloud over your house at this time of the year, but a “cloud nine,” that’s a whole different kettle of fish, and one so well deserved. A kid-chosen award beats all. Congratulations.

  3. Caroline Starr Rose

    I met Jean at the Jambalaya writing conference a few years ago and have recently read The Two Bobbies to my boys. Living in Houma, just an hour SW of NOLA, it was a very special story to share.


  4. Kirby Larson

    Thank you all for sharing in our joy! And Caroline — I’ve been to Houma!! I helped with some HK rebuilding there and even got to attend my first Mardis Gras parade, ever, there. I also visited an elementary school but am blanking on the name. I loved the area — the birds were breathtaking!

  5. Grier Jewell

    Sweet sweet news. Congrats to you both! That book just keeps on giving. Here’s to many more years and kids’ paw-wards.