Nubs’ News

Oh my goodness: not only is our book, Two Bobbies, on this year’s Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book list (voting is in April, I think), Mary and I found out today that Nubs is on NEXT year’s list!

It is so much fun to think that kindergarten through third graders all over the Evergreen state will be reading our books and giving their own thumbs’ ups or thumbs’ downs.

And guess what else? Our Write Sister, Helen Ketteman, also has a book, Three Little Gators, on the 2010-2011 list!


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  1. Martha Brockenbrough

    Kirby, I read NUBS to a class of third graders last week. I wish you could have seen their faces. (I totally started crying at the end. SO EMBARRASSING!)

  2. Kirby Larson

    Martha, I cry too. And why not?! It’s an amazing story of a brave and trusting animal. A good reason to cry!

    Thanks for reading it to the kids.

  3. Amanda

    I TOLD myself I wasn’t going to cry when I read Two Bobbies to my Kinders last week. I figured I’d read it enough times before that it wouldn’t get me THIS time… I was wrong! Three of my kids were teary eyed, too, and all of them loved it!