No photos but. . .

I carved out a few hours today to drive to Bellingham for the opening reception for the Bond Children’s Literature Conference, organized by the AMAZING Dr. Nancy Johnson and her buds. I checked in right behind WWU first lady, Cindy Shepard (who has hornswaggled me into a second year with her pet project, Compass to Campus; I’ll tell you more about it another time).

Those of you lucky enough to be signed up for the conference will be hearing lectures by the incredibly talented Marla Frazee and her partner in crime/editor, Allyn Johnston; John Green, proud new papa of Henry, winner of the Printz Award and NerdFighter (this means one who fights FOR nerds, not against them. I am so a NerdFighter. I am possibly the oldest NerdFighter. and the least techie); the gifted and generous Gerald McDermott (writer/illustrator of “mythic” proportions); and Linda Sue Park. Sigh. Linda Sue. If only she weren’t such a slacker, she might actually make something of herself.

I wish I was having them all over for blueberry buttermilk pancakes at Shangri-Lar (just 20 minutes from the campus). I make DELICIOUS from-scratch blueberry buttermilk pancakes, just in case you wondered.

It was a lovely day. With no photos to prove it.

So there.

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  1. RavPadfoot

    The conference was FABULOUS! I do have pictures!

    Nancy made an announcement that the conference will be taking a 2 year hiatus because she’s going to teach in Singapore. Nooooo! Amazing opportunity for her but I’m so sad about the hiatus.