I am such a Loser

So now Laurie Halse Anderson is Vlogging. And *everyone* who isn’t Vlogging is Tweeting. Where does that leave me?

“I am Nobody. Are you Nobody, too?”

Me and Emily.

We’re tight over here in the loser corner of the cafeteria.

Keep back. We might be contagious.

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  1. Anna

    Haha, I Tweet but I don’t vlog. I don’t mind watching vlogs, but I actually prefer to read regular old blog posts. You are not alone!

  2. heathervogelfrederick

    Kirby, I’m right there at the loser table with you and Emily! I don’t even KNOW what “vlogging” is, and I may be a twit by I don’t tweet. A little blogging now and then is about all I can manage, and still find time to write. Just call me a blissfully ignorant Luddite…

  3. SWK

    Hilarious! Laughed aloud (though ruefully). I think vlogging, tweeting and the like are only good if you, as an author and presenter, enjoy them and don’t feel overwhelmed. While I know a lot of authors are exploring this right now, the most important thing is that the medium for reaching your readers feels right to you. Enjoy your spot in the cafeteria–I’ll swing by sometime with some chamomile tea 🙂

  4. storyqueen

    I’m a loser, too!

    But I just have no desire to vlog or tweet. I like to keep private I guess. For me, it’s enough to blog from time to time, go to work full time, and try to write books.

    (Plus, I really don’t like watching vlogs…except for John Green’s. I would just rather connect with the writing, not always the person behind it. That sounds worse than I mean it too. What I mean is, I like to read because it is interactive. When I watch TV, I fall asleep, because it requires less of me. So, I’d rather read a blog than watch a vlog.)

    As for twitter…meh.

    Is there room for me at your table?


  5. Kirby Larson

    “I’m Nobody. Are you Nobody, too?”

    Thank you all for your comments. I am not John Green, though I’m old enough to be his mother. Which is why it would be pretty ugly if I tweeted or vlogged or anything like that. Really.

    This whole uber-hip movement reminds me of a painful conversation I had with my kids some years back. I had thought I was being a sensitive, earth-saving mom by sending them to jr. high with reusuable lunch sacks, into which I’d tucked little wax paper bags of chips, instead of those pre-packaged bags of Fritos, Doritos, et al.

    As my kids explained to me – long after their jr. high years were over — my efforts forever condemned them to the loser section of the junior high cafeteria. When they told me this story, as college-age young adults, they laughed about it. But not very hard. In their minds, I could clearly see, I had ruined their entire adolescent lives.

    Who knows how many lives I am ruining by not tweeting. . . upwards of 929,312, or so.

    Personally, I think my life is better spent trying to write my (soon to be completely obselete) books and weaning Barbara O’Connor from her addiction to that foul beverage, Cafe Francais.

  6. dian

    Ah, but Kirby I’ll bet you spend more time writing than the tweeters and the vloggers, and that’s what your fans want you to do. We can’t wait for the next book.

  7. Martha Brockenbrough

    Kirby, did you know you can set your blog to tweet your new posts automatically? You can tweet with no additional effort! (Vlogging is lots more work…)

  8. Molly Hall

    I’m Nobody too.
    I give the big “No Thank You” to twitter. I am sure it’s fun for some people. But the number of time sucks I am currently battling are enough for me! I don’t know about vlogging. I agree that it’s fun to connect with the written word instead of a video.
    It’s nice to know that we can land wherever we want to on the continuum of marketing/connecting on-online, and not feel pressure to do it ALL. Thanks, Kirby!

  9. Matt

    I think Twitter’s pretty worthless as a means of really connecting with people. BUT, I think it can be very useful in disseminating small bits of information to people, especially when an email would be overkill.

    Last minute event you want to let people know about? Tweet the details.

    Nubs making an appearance on the Tonight Show? Send a twitter reminder 20 minutes before the show starts.

    It’s easy, quick to do, and increases visibility. Though, if you don’t ever Twitter you shouldn’t feel like a loser. Neither one of your uber-hip children are tweeting 😉