Happy Birthday to Susan Patron

I think I will never love a Newbery Medal winner more than I love Susan Patron. I still remember her clever, warm and honest acceptance speech with much fondness. And as much as I loved The Higher Power of Lucky, I loved Lucky Breaks even more! Which means I am going to love Lucky’s third installment EVEN MORE.

How great is that?

So I just wanted to wish her Happy Birthday today
which is coincidentally also Winston the Wonder Dog’s first birthday. . .
Four weeks old; before he even had a name!
Too many toys and all tired out

May both Susan and Winston’s dreams all come true!

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  1. Susan Patron

    Oh, Kirby, I love you, too. And I’m very honored.

    Now you have made me realize that DOGS have astrological signs, and Winston is obviously a Pisces!!!!! This is, for me, a totally breakthrough idea.

    Many thanks for such kind wishes.