Happy Birthday, Grandma

Lois Thomas Wright Brown, age 14. Right before she left school.

My darling grandma would’ve been 95 today. Hattie Big Sky is my love letter to her and, even though the idea for the book came when I learned that my great-grandmother had homesteaded in eastern Montana by herself as a young woman, the character Hattie is squarely based on my grandma. She got married young, raised four daughters mostly by herself and never let anything stop her.

She could grow anything. Anything. But violets were her favorite flowers and this year my little patch is especially lovely — one more way I can keep connected to her.Violets are so sweet and cheery in a garden.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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  1. Grier Jewell

    She’s beautiful, Kirby. And those eyes—she’s so there, so present, such a powerful, lovely presence. It clearly runs in the family.