Do not, I repeat, do not visit Austin. Because once will not be enough. I am already cooking up a scheme to get me back there during bluebonnet season and Neil’s trying to figure out how to have the Frutti di Mare dish he ate at Enoteca on South Congress shipped here once a week. Our last stop on the way to the airport was Uncommon Objects — why, oh, why hadn’t I discovered that place earlier? It needs hours at least. I was allowed twenty minutes during which I purchased 4 red Bakelite (I love Bakelite!) dominoes, numbers 8, 7, 5 and 9 (our house address at Shangri-Lar!) and some fabulous blank cards made from old flashcards.

Speaking of shopping: here are THE boots.
Neil wanted me to get these but I wasn’t up to channeling Dale Evans. I’ve been wearing these constantly — who knew they’d be so comfy? But could someone please tell me how to pronounce “Lucchese”?

Inquiring minds wanted to know more about our trip so here are a few of the fun, non-conference photos.
Can you see Neil there on the steps? He’s there. Honest.
Taken from the UT campus. The biggest capitol in all 50 states — of course!

One thing I’d never heard mentioned about Austin before is the birds. The grackels, to be exact. At dusk each evening, they’d gather on the phone wires downtown (they especially like the area by the Whole Foods/BookPeople) and commence their cocktail hour. Howdy, boy, are they noisy. Now I know where Hitchcock got his idea for The Birds.

It goes without saying that as great as the city is, the folks there are a million times better.
End of the trail
Guess who’s glad we’re home?

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