Ten in 2010

I’m loving our ten word stories but (whine, snivel) it’s hard work keeping up. So henceforth, this will be a second Thursday of the month feature, giving you 30 days (more or less) in between to capture ten essential words. Deal?

I know the groundhog saw his shadow, but I see crocuses pushing up through the cool earth everywhere I walk. So how about “spring” for this month’s theme?


Thin fingers of green
wave away winter,
welcome in spring.

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  1. Kate Higgins

    Monkey Flowers

    Spring flowers flow eternally
    at the cabin’s nearby hot springs.

    Monkey flowers can be found at any time of the year at Sacajawea Hot Springs in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho – even at 6,000 feet in the middle of the winter. Monkey flowers are yellow with monkey-like faces and they grew very close to the tiny hot streams. They actually looked like they poured from the same crevasses as the steamy water
    My parent’s tiny cabin was a short walk away. You could also boil an egg if you so desired. When I was little I thought all springs were hot springs.