Ten in 2010

Those ten word stories have been kind of fun. Let’s try it again, this time using an emotion. How about “love”?

At The Library

Checking out Chekov
and that cute guy,
I found love.

This is the cute guy I checked out at the Sehome High School library in 1971

No Responses to “Ten in 2010”

  1. Kate Higgins

    Cupid at 8,000 feet

    right seat flying,
    his love and trust,

    This won’t really make any sense to anyone who isn’t familiar with small airplanes. My husband had a small plane (call number 9767U) when we first met. He took me flying over the Idaho Mountains many times. One day he turned over the controls to me (in the right hand seat), I knew then I meant more to him than just another girlfriend. We fell in love at 8,000 feet. We’ve been happily married for most of our 32 years together. (hey, nobody’s perfect)
    I think this will be my valentine to him this year. Thanks for the idea Kirby. I love these 10 word stories.

  2. Elaine Marie Alphin

    Working at the Bookstore

    Shelving books,
    looking up –
    He descends
    Love at first sight.

    I was working as an alum at my old university bookstore, and my husband-to-be was getting his masters in history so he could teach at West Point. He ended up teaching military history there in his last semester as a grad student, and he was coming down the stairs talking about his book order when I first saw him. He asked me out the next week, and now we’ve been married nearly 29 years…