Happy Birthday, University Bookstore

I spent last evening at a wonderful celebration — the University Bookstore’s 110th birthday party. The place was packed (probably because the bouncer was way too nice) for the evening’s private affair, brainchilded (is that a word?) by the amazing Stesha Brandon. She asked 110 local authors — too m any fabulous folks to name — to contribute 110 word pieces to a chapbook aptly named 110/110.

But I will name two because they’re in this photo: Karen Cushman (slacker that she is with only one Newbery Honor and one Newbery Medal to her name) and Holly Cupala, who will no doubt win the Printz, as soon as her book is out.
The blurriness is photographer error as these three writers are as sharp as can be!

And here is the 110 word story I submitted, silly as it is.

The skies opened up as Florine, umbrella-less hurried down the Ave. Dripping, she ducked inside the University Bookstore. She rarely shopped there– they didn’t carry Harlequin romances. Besides, all those young college couples wrapped around each other like DNA strands made her feel even lonelier.
She headed up to the ladies’. When she came out, she wandered into Fiction. Literally. This charming older man — “Bradford Fiction, and you?” — steadied her, asked her to coffee. They talked through dinner. And breakfast. It was true love.
Florine gave notice at Bartell’s, and married Bradford. Every week, they stopped in the bookstore for old times’ sake.
And to pick up Florine’s favorite titles. Special-ordered.

Take yourself immediately to the bookstore to see if you can snag a copy of 110/110 because there are some crazy good pieces in it!!

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  1. Cuppa Jolie

    I love your 110 word story! I look at how joyful you look!Can’t wait to get my hands on the book being held for me. 🙂