Eagle Ideas

We were being watched as we strolled the beach.

I just came in from a glorious walk, keeping an “eagle eye” on Winston because two predators were flying overhead. Actually, the adult eagle was resting/watching from a tree but the teen eagle skimmed the blue sky above us, back and forth, back and forth. We’re pretty confident Winston’s too big for eagle food but, to be on the safe side, I kept him on a tight leash.

Immature eagles are definitely scruffy looking – all mottled feathers and ungainly moves. After I came inside and sat down to type, it struck me how much they’re like my early drafts! They may have the proper parts — feathers, talons, beaks — just as my rough drafts contain characters, conflict and action, but it takes time for them to grow and develop, to be transformed into the majestic mature bald eagle.

I’m going to hold that thought while I re-read yesterday’s work!

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  1. holly cupala

    It must be a good omen – I saw a bald eagle on one of the 520 bridge lampposts and am right there with you in revision! Thank you, Kirby.