Kairos Moments

As opposed to Kodak moments, kairos moments are moments of true connection and holiness. At least according to the sermon I heard this morning! I love the concept that such moments are happening all the time even though we may sometimes be too busy — especially at this time of year — to heed them.

Because I have been fighting a bug for a month now, I am behind on everything Christmas — and I’m the mom! That’s not allowed. So instead of freaking out, I’m choosing to take a few deep breaths and reflect on the kairos moments I’ve been allowed to experience recently:

  • In struggling to find a location for one section of the WIP, a mis-google led me to the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair — bingo!
  • My dear friend, Bonny Becker, (A Visitor for Bear; The Magical Ms. Plum) recommended our book, Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle, to be included in the Seattle Times holiday gift guide.
  • My daughter chose to spend one whole day with me, baking Christmas cookies. And she gave me permission not to make cinnamon rolls this year. (I made them anyway.)
  • I got to re-wrap several presents because Winston decided I hadn’t done a nice enough job. At first irritated, I was soon content because it gave me another reason to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol again.
  • Even though it has been two years since I sent out Christmas cards, I am still on dear friends’ lists.
  • We were extended grace and kindness as we made the tough decision to put our feisty 18-year-old cat, Mimi, to sleep yesterday.
  • Though we dragged our feet about it, the Christmas party at the care center where Neil’s parents now live was a highlight of the season. To see my mother-in-law’s face when Santa handed her a gift was a blessing beyond words.

I wish for you time and opportunity in this season — whether it is full of light or dark for you — to recognize your kairos moments.

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  1. Laurie Thompson

    So sorry to hear about Mimi, Kirby. Hugs!
    Thanks for the beautiful reminder to always be aware and to practice gratitude. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. storyqueen

    Lovely post, Kirby. I am working on slowing down a bit so I can see such moments for what they are…gifts.

    Thanks for posting.


  3. Michèle Griskey

    Great post. I really appreciate this right now. I’m home and supposed to be on a vacation; however, I keep forcing myself to get more done.

    I am sorry to hear about Mimi. I lost a nineteen-year-old kitty earlier this year.