Do You Remember. . .

Not sure what triggered this but my brain is taking its own trip down memory lane today, instead of writing.

Does anyone else remember:

  • Fizzies?
  • Tying your spending money/Sunday school offering in a handkerchief?
  • How scary the Wicked Witch of the West was?
  • Polishing your mary janes with Vaseline?
  • Setting your hair on pincurls? 
  • Toni home perms?
  • Dabbing vanilla behind your ears, pretending it was perfume?
  • Eating creamed tuna on toast?
  • Butter sandwiches?
  • Being able to turn a knob to turn on the TV?
  • Believing your friend when she said there’s no Santa but hearing sleigh bells anyway when you went to bed on Christmas Eve?

I do!

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