Lost in Space

Here is what has happened since I last posted, a week ago:

my dog took over my bed.

A huge black spider crawled out of my keyboard (no photo because I smushed him before I thought about the photo op. Trust me –this was no Charlotte!).

I developed a passionate love/hate relationship with a copy editor.
My highly rational and thoughtful reaction to the copyeditor’s comments.

I looked good but sounded dull in a videotaped interview.
Clyde ran the camera and Jennifer made me look good. I still haven’t been able to wash off the mascara she used.

I celebrated Nubs debuting at #4 on the NY Times bestseller list.

I got down in the dumps because the NY Times children’s bestseller list is evidently not worth publishing in print. So no clippings to send to family.

I wrestled with my intriguing but a bit unlikeable main character and decided she would benefit from a dose of Emily Post.

So — what have you being doing since we last visited?

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  1. Erin M. Blakemore


    Aside from that (ha), I looked out the window a bunch, did some much-neglected laundry, got riled up about Louisa May Alcott, and strapped on my roller skates for a nice spin.

    Congrats on Nubs, BTW. What an accomplishment. 🙂