It’s an Illness

Maybe I’m in need of an intervention. I dunno. But I do obsess over details. Which led me to bid on this charming book (hoping to get it!)

and this one (which I won)

all because I need an 11 year old girl living in an affluent household in early 1929 to do something naughty. And what better way to figure out what that might be than to read what little girls were supposed to do. . .and have my Bunny do just the opposite!

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  1. lurban

    I collect these sorts of books! One of my favorites is a 1933 copy of No Nice Girl Swears. It’s pretty sassy.

  2. Liesl

    Perfect. It reminds me of a 50’s Good Housekeeping article full of housewife tips. My personal favorite- “Always remember, what he does is a lot more important than what you do.”

    I probably could have written a novel based on that one article alone.

  3. Jenn Chushcoff

    Yes! I can’t resist books like this either. Your story idea sounds intriguing and I have two books that may help with your research. I’d be happy to lend them. The Foundations of Character by Shand (1920), which might be good for the “adult” voice. Also, A Critical History of Children’s Literature (1969). There’s a chapter about what was being published and its implications in the era you’re looking at. Happy Book Hunting!

  4. Kirby Larson

    Jenn — how generous of you!! I’m thinking you, Liesl. Linda, Martha and I should start some kind of group. . .instead of blue bloods, we could be Blue Books (in honor of Emily Post). .