Book Clubs

I have had some incredible visits to mother-daughter book clubs with Hattie Big Sky!

And now Cindy Hudson has written a wonderful book about such clubs and includes an interview with one of those clubs.

Wouldn’t this be a smashing gift for some mom/daughter combo you know? Watch this space for a guest post by Cindy Hudson. . . soon!

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  1. Caroline Starr Rose

    I do after-school book clubs with grades 3-7. By the way, I just listened to Hattie Big Sky after taking Darcy Pattison’s weekend revision retreat. Loved it. Thanks.

  2. Liesl

    Oh I love it! Whitney and I love reading together. She’s a little young yet for Hattie, but someday it will definitely be something we read together.

    I am absolutely going to create a mother-daughter book club! I just need to find some other mothers with daughters. (All my friends have boys.)

  3. Carrie

    Thanks for the Cindy Hudson connection! What fun! Also, I wanted to tell you that our book group this year has decided to make every-other mtg. a critique group. You would have been AMAZED at the writing they brought and at the professional way they critiqued each other! I was blown away! We had so much fun we didn’t even get to the craft. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!