Time for a Break

I hit 40,000 words yesterday of the WIP that was supposed to be 30-35,000, but the publisher changed their minds and now wants 45,000. Needless to say, it has been all work and no play, making Kirby a dull girl. . .

and Winston an impatient pup clamoring for “mom’s” attention.
In case you can’t tell, Winnie B. is doing his best to insert himself between me and my laptop

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  1. Karen

    Oy, Kirby. Ten thousand extra words? I am stuck at 25,000 and am at a lost how to increase them without padding. There are lots of tips available on how to cut a manuscript but nothing on how to strrrettttch.
    Shakespeare never had this problem. Oy.

  2. Martha Brockenbrough

    Kirby, hang in there. And let us know how you do it. Making something longer is not usually a problem people have to deal with, although I recall reading Grace Lin’s initial drafts are lean and she always adds…