Monday Mish Mash

I’ve been out of town, a lot, this month — some of it unplanned, like the overnight stay in Eureka, CA courtesy of a fogged in airport. I’ve come home, tail dragging. I promise to get back on track (look for an interview with Jennifer Holm in the next few weeks!) but while the inner-blogger gets some rest, here are a few tidbits for your reading pleasure:

A few of the residents of Billings, Montana, out for their morning constitutional

After speaking in Little Rock, Arkansas and Billings, Montana (in the same week!), I was home for a few days then off again for my 5th or 6th visit to the Humboldt County Author’s Festival. This every-other-year event brings in two dozen authors and illustrators to visit schools in Humboldt County — it’s an amazing commitment on the part of this community. The Festival kicks off with a show at the Morris Graves’ Gallery, featuring children’s book illustrations and, this year, one of the artists whose work was on display was our own, Jean Cassels! It was a thrill to see her original work, though my photography skills don’t do it any justice at all.
Two Bobbies‘ illustrator, Jean Cassels, was featured at the Morris Graves Gallery in Eureka, California as part of the Humboldt County Author Festival

Mary and I got to present at Freshwater School on Thursday and I traveled an hour and a half up windy mountain roads on Friday to have a terrific visit at Bridgeville School. Friday night is a lovely banquet and the whole festival winds up with a book sale and signing at the gorgeous Eureka Library.
A young reader couldn’t wait to get started on Mary Nethery’s Mary Veronica’s Egg!

One of the students from Freshwater School, where Mary and I did our first-ever joint school presentation! And guess what this charmer’s name is? Quinn! Just like my darling daughter!

Malia won a copy of Nubs in the library raffle!

If you ever get the chance to go to the Humboldt County Authors Festival — go! And be sure to visit the sanctuary where I saw this fellow showing off for us:

A pelican playing around

The only drawback to going to Eureka is that it is occasionally hard to get out of Eureka. Notice the fog in the photo above? Yes, well, it kept my plane getting out on Saturday which meant begging a bed from my friend, Mary, for the night. I arrived home a day late and many dollars short (I did my bit buying books at the library book sale!).

Til next time —

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