Let’s Talk Shop

I will confess to being late to the 21st century party. It was a big deal for me to blog; don’t ask me to tweet, too.

But schools are asking about “visits” via Skype. I’m doing a few short ones, trial runs, but can’t quite figure out how to manage this whole cyber-visit thing. There are some of us who supplement our writing income (hard to say that with a straight face!) with school visits. Skype can certainly get us into more schools — without the hassle and expense of travel – but how do we writers make it add up financially?

I would love to hear from those of you who have done Skype (or other cyber technology) visits and what those visits involve and what you charge.

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  1. CocoaStomp

    I have nothing helpful to say, other than I would pay good money to have a Kirby Hologram with me in my studio all day. It could even just be a recording, not a live hologram…