I’m in the doghouse

I can take a crummy day of revising. I can take driving, miserable rain. I can even take a snarky email. (All of which were part of this particular day)

But I can’t handle the fact that Winston ran away from me when I brought him home from the vet’s today. You see, he’d had that operation and he’s (rightfully) blaming me for it.

Winston the Wonderdog in a happier moment

The rottenness I feel cannot be put into words.

No Responses to “I’m in the doghouse”

  1. Tricia

    Oh Kirby, he’ll love you when he feels better. You did the right thing (even though he may not agree right now). Please report back when he’s back to his old self.

  2. Barbara O'Connor

    You what!!!????? Now what am I supposed to do? I suppose you’ve convinced my mom to do the same cruel thing? Hmmph.

    Winston, I still love you! (Is your bark an octave higher?)


  3. BJW

    Linus sends his regards and sympathy. He too left some bits and pieces behind at the vet’s.