Bonny Becker Times Two

Now I know I shouldn’t say anything mean about Bonny Becker; after all, the dear thing’s in my critique group. But — don’t tell anyone I said this — the girl just doesn’t work very hard. I mean, all those awards for A Visitor For Bear have made her positively lazy. She only has two books coming out next week.

Yup, on September 8, the world not only gets another chance to visit with Bear and Mouse in A Birthday for Bear (Candlewick),

they will get to read what I think is the 21st century’s take on Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, The Magical Ms. Plum (Knopf).

I was lucky enough to read both books in manuscript and while Birthday is a smasher, because of my fondness for chapter books, Ms. Plum has completely stolen my heart. Talk about a book with universal appeal — it’s got magic, miniature animals and a classroom full of endearing and definitely-not-perfect kids.

Way to go, Bonny!

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  1. susanwrites

    What a coincidence – I’m in a group with Bonny too (online) and I just love that we have a new bear book to share. I also predict great things for Ms. Plum.

  2. BJW

    Bonny is too clever of a writer for her own good. She must be stopped. But then again, where would I get my Bonny Becker fix?

    I was lucky enough to get a sneak hearing at the Portland conference of A Birthday For Bear. Clever and completely good. Of course. Geesh.

  3. bonnybecker

    Thanks youse guys. They both come out Sept. 8. Although I honestly don’t quite know what that means. I don’t know if that’s when they get shipped or the bookstore can put them on their shelves?