A Post Script

Because I was insane and hosted an in-depth blog discussion on boy/girl books at the same time I was trying to finish a 30,000 word manuscript by today (I made it! I hit send yesterday a.m.), I cannot for the life of me recall who suggested this title, but as a post-script, y’all might want to read Why Gender Matters, by Leonard Sax.

Last word on this topic from my very wise 10-year-old friend, Emma, with whom I had a day-before-5th-grade-tea an hour ago. I told her about this recent blog discussion and asked her if she thought there was such a thing as a boy book and a girl book. She nodded. Girl books are the Amelia Notebooks by Marissa Moss, or The American Girl books. I prodded. So, what are some boy books?

The look she gave me said it all. I mean, I could tell she still loves me but thinks I may be one cucumber sandwich short of a tea party: she doesn’t know the answer to that question because. she’s. not. a. boy.

And there you have it.

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  1. BJW

    Amen. She sounds smart.

    That’s awesome about your manuscript!!! WOW. AND at the same time you orchestrated this awesome discussion. You are something Kirby. Great job on both! And thank you again so much for including me. It was an honor.