Miracles Will Never Cease

Inspiration comes in many forms. Inspiration for me to find a new system to organize my research materials came from two sources.

Here’s the first one:
My not-so-trusty research assistant

And the second one is my good friend and “Tidy Town” award winner, Barbara O’Connor. Don’t get the “Tidy Town” reference?!! You will, after you check back here on Monday to read my interview with the award-winning author of How to Steal a Dog, and other crazy-good books.

Because I can no longer leave piles of papers sitting around (see an earlier post about Winston’s proclivity to pounce on paper) and because every picture Barbara posts of her house/office is Martha Stewart neat, tidy and cute, I took myself to Office Max and sprung for a new organizational system (the [IN] Place System by Peter Walsh).
My new desk top filing system — to die for!

I get no kickback for promoting this, but if you are knee-deep in research and need to keep those notes close at hand, run to the store right now and buy this amazing desktop filing system.

I feel close to Mother Teresa-perfect now, with all of my materials off the floor and at my fingertips.

Okay, maybe not Mother Teresa. But I could definitely go toe-to-toe with Barbara for a Tidy Town prize.

No Responses to “Miracles Will Never Cease”

  1. Tricia

    I have about 30 journals, all in a pile, so I definitely won’t win any awards for neatness. I will say that Scrivener has made organizing my writing and ideas much easier. If you are a mac user, I highly recommend it.

    I am, however, going to check out that desktop system for my work files!

  2. Barbara O'Connor

    Dear Mother Teresa: I hereby award you The Tidy Town Honor Award (you’re ever wrestling that thing away from me…well, maybe, but it’ll take more than a desktop filing system.) Love that filing system, by the way. I might have to get one just so you’re not tidier than me.