My New Muse

As a matter of fact, I have turned into one of those people who thinks their dog is adorable. And quite possibly smarter than your dog.
Winston awaiting his next research assignment

I have a second floor office in our home and the weather has turned un-Seattle-like hot. The Cool Breeze fan takes the edge off but I will confess to drooping eyelids as I did reading/research yesterday.

Not Winston. He was taking on Rumble Rabbit, a gift from his Auntie Mary Nethery and her “mews” Dash.

Now, Rumble Rabbit is as big as Winston and may possibly outweigh him. Does that stop my fearless Fido? Need you even ask?
A blur of activity

The research and revising I’m wrestling with right now feels huge to me, as big as Rumble Rabbit is in comparison to Winston. Frankly, it’s overwhelming.

But I noticed that Winston takes on that humongous hare without hesitation. He dives in and grabs whatever is handy — a leg, an ear, the nose. I realized, like him, I don’t have to tackle the entire rabbit at once.

One small part at a time. That’s all I need to handle.


No Responses to “My New Muse”

  1. Cuppa Jolie

    Oh my cuteness!

    Now go and westle that waskly wabbit of a wevision! (Sorry, don’t know why I just turned in to Elmer Fudd.)

  2. Karen

    Unfortunately my muse is Otis the elderly cat and all he does is snuggle and snooze. For Otis it’s always nap time. Not such a good model for me. I got to get me a spunky puppy.

  3. BJW

    Howdy Kirby. I’m one of your new blog “followers”, that sounds like your the leader of a cult or something. Kirby’s Followers… Hope you don’t mind another one.

    Anyways, cool pup. Good luck with your revision and I’ll miss you at Reed. I’ve thought a lot about your suggestions from our critique group and carry on the daily battle. That’s why the licorice thing is great for me. Enough hermitry (had to look that one up, still not sure it’s right) for me, I’m on in the blogosphere ready for some peer pressure. Oh boy.

    If you go to my blog, or my picture, you’ll see our 7 month pup Linus. Muse or muse killer, not sure yet. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR R and R’ing.

  4. Emilie

    What a cutie, Kirby! Is there now a puppy featured in your WIP who just happens to have fluffy black ears?

  5. BJW

    Oh and great story about the boy and his dog (nothing better than dogs) who gets taken to the Japanese internment camp. You are quite a writer and there may have been something in my eye after I read it. I’m sure it was dust or the air was dry or I had to sneeze or was cutting onions… Fine I admit it. You got me! You had me at “throw”. back to my licorice.

  6. Kirby Larson

    Ben– thanks for the lovely compliment about my Columbia Kids story but I must say it certainly helps to have a talented and world-famous (and kind-hearted) illustrator spiff it up a ton.

  7. susanwrites

    Oh Winston is adorable! Absolutely adorable.

    But sorry, neither you or Barbara can win this contest. My 70 pound “puppy” (okay, 18 months old but for big dogs that’s still a puppy) wins in my book. After all, she stars in a weekly blog series. 🙂

  8. -karen ann.

    my dogs are my muses too. they have a bed that sits on the edge of my desk, and their presence, sleeping or staring out the window, makes me feel much more grounded in my mission.

    of course, they are little, and always will be, so two dogs sleeping on my desk still leaves me plenty of room for working.

    congratulations on your fuzzy one! your walks will take on a new dimension!