Moral Victories

There was only one flaw at Shangri-Lar: my office chair, which is a lady’s vanity chair from the 30’s. Sitting in it for more than an hour was about the same as sitting on a bed of nails. Ouch.

So today I took matters into my own hands and drove into the megapolis of Bellingham and bought a chair. In a box. The friendly Office Max crew offered to assemble it for $10 but I am a liberated woman. And I am cheap. (Not that kind of cheap)

I brought the box home. The cardboard stayed out on the porch. I ferried the pieces in five trips up 33 stairs (thank you, Emma, for counting) and then began the assembly process. Of course, I did have Winston’s help.
Winston is a whiz at putting things together
The instructions viewed as they should be, behind a glass of wine

Ninety minutes, about a gallon of sweat, and one glass of wine later and voila:
finished chair
Finished glass of wine

There’s a lesson here somewhere. I’m just too hot, cranky and tired to figure it out.

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  1. Jaime

    Oh, that Winston.
    I misread ‘gallon of sweat’ for ‘gallon of wine.’
    Glad you are still able to type after that much vino 🙂