We’ve Arrived!

Feeling fuzzy after 18 hours on the plane, we touched down to a 75 degree evening in
Doha. We were greeted by a charming young woman from near Beijing, who showed us to a glassed in waiting room, offering us a much appreciated glass of water and some lovely dates. While we got our equilibrium, she rounded up our bags and stayed with us until we exited the terminal — a very gracious welcome indeed. Then we stepped outside to be met by the smiling Anita Reilly, (photo later!) 4th grade teacher at the American school. She expertly handled Doha’s roundabouts at the same time giving us an informative guided tour. I enjoyed the dramatic artpieces at each roundabout — especially the gigantic oyster shell and pearl — and we were both intrigued by her answer to Neil’s question about where the city/country got its drinking water (desalination, and fresh water reserves). As at home, there are concerted efforts to conserve water. Will water be our next “oil”?

Tomorrow morning we are going to be treated to a tour of Sheik Faisal’s farm. Between now and then, I need to sign these

and get some zzzs!

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  1. Kaj

    What a kick to find out we’re blogging across the world together. Karl forwarded your information to us (Kaj is with me). We finished our first Japan school visit in Iwakuni, and now we’re off to Hiroshima. Have a wonderful time! Love and good wishes to you both! This is on Kaj’s account. My blog is on my web site, and Kaj’s is portalreads.edublogs.org. Enjoy! Deb Lund