Of Lions and Lambs

The wind last night was definitely lionish, but this morning’s blue skies felt said “lamb.” Add in these crocuses popping up at Shangri-Lar, and you’ve definitely got some spring going on (at least here in the great Pacific Northwest).

We spent the night at the bay last night after helping my baby sister celebrate her big five-oh. I took the camera along, fully intending to get a picture of her but my memory being what it is, I didn’t remember until I was headed off to bed. Trust me: she is just as cute now as she was in these photos:

That’s me with my mouth open, in the upper right. Bossy Big Sister!

Like the seasons, birthdays come and go. Were they a big thing at your house, growing up? We often had family over, but we didn’t have friend parties as kids seem to now. I asked my baby sis if there was any one birthday she remembered, growing up; she didn’t. Neil fondly remembers his 10th, when he got both a Schwinn bike AND a baseball glove. I’m like my sister; I can’t recall that one “special” birthday. But I do love Sandra Cisneros’ story on turning 10, which I believe is in The House on Mango Street.

Birthdays are generally big deals for kids but, aside from Cisneros’ story, I can’t come up with any novels for kids with birthday party scenes. I know there are some — fill me in!

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  1. Emilie

    I ought to throw a scene into my WIP in which the birthday girl singes her hair while blowing out her candles. NOT that I, queen of grace and poise that I am, have ever experienced such a thing to know how scary it is or how awful it smells afterward…

    My favorite thing about my birthdays growing up, though, were the cakes–my professional-cake-baker aunt made them all and they were all yummy and lovely. Storebought cake just isn’t the same:)