It’s all Laurie’s Fault!

With eyes too blurry from an eye doc appointment to tackle WIP (I know; excuses, excuses), I decided to catch up on blog comments. Co-Regional Advisor, Laurie Thompson, added a dandy set of questions with which I will bombard my next victim, I mean, interviewee.

Of course, reading her comments lead me to Laurie’s blog. Here is the danger in reading other people’s blogs: you find more stuff to do that keeps you from writing. Though I’m blaming Laurie, she actually got the idea from Jim DiBartolo who got the idea from someone else.

What writer hasn’t secretly dreamed of slipping into a phone booth and emerging as a superhero?! I suspect there is a bit of the Walter Mitty in all of us. Thanks to the Superhero Factory, you can find true happiness, simply with a few clicks of the mouse, just as I did:
Okay, so the name’s kind of lame (“The Talented Walking Wizard”), but I didn’t get to pick that part. But green is my favorite color and the walking stick was (a) the only acceptable weapon to choose from (haven’t the creators of The Hero Factory heard that the pen is mightier than the sword?!) and (b) symbolizes my attempts to be a flaneur — one who walks out in the world and observes.

Now, before the Talented Walking Wizard bops me on the noggin with that hefty stick, I better get back to work on WIP.

Just as soon as I slip out of that cape.

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