Walking and Wondering

I’m trying to ignore the irony of the fact that I read The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson during several evenings of walking on the treadmill.

Mr. Nicholson is my peeps. I don’t do very well if I go too many days without a walk. I prefer my walks neat, thank you very much, without earbuds or iPods or any such. They are my time to wonder and wander. And Geoff (I feel we’re on a first name basis) feels the same way.

This book perambulates through many topics, including “The Lost Art of Falling Down,” (I am in complete agreement with his premise that falling down is child’s play. . . and that it wreaks havoc on adults); literary walks and folks who actually have made money from walking.

What made spending $25 (at my local indie bookstore!) all worthwhile, however, was his discussion of street photographers, who shoot from the feet rather than from the hip. Some shoot randomly, some set up shots but all of them work out of doors, and in the streets. Just as I was bemoaning cutting a huge chunk out of WIP, I read this quote from street photographer, Martin Parr: “The thing you’ve got to remember is, most of the time there’s nothing happening and suddenly it will happen, but you can’t have the time when it happens without having all the dull time, so even though you’re not taking good pictures, you’re in the rhythm.”

Yes! Most of the time I’m writing away and nothing good is happening. BUT if I’m not writing away, there is absolutely no chance of anything good happening.

Okay, so I know the economy is tight but I would suggest this is another great addition to your personal library. Especially if you buy it at your local indie bookstore. And think of the amazing karma if you walk to that bookstore to buy it! And feel free to read it while walking anywhere, even on a treadmill. From reading his book, I think Mr. Nicholson would get a kick out of that.

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  1. Carrie

    Every time I read your blog entries, I get some message. It’s almost as if someone is poking me on the shoulder and saying “Get moving!”
    I’m still struggling to feel like a writer, but if I’m not writing, there’s no way I can BE a writer!
    Thanks for the kick in the pants!
    Have a great week.

  2. Barbara O'Connor

    I LOVE this post. First of all, I love, love, love to walk. (I KNEW we were soul sisters.) It’s one of my favorite things to do and when I don’t do it I feel all out of synch with the universe. AND, I never ever ever listen to music or anything when I walk. I love the silence and the thinking. (Although I also enjoy walking with my homie girlfriends and catching up on some good chick chat.)

    I also love the comment from Martin Parr and how that applies to writing. So true….

  3. Kirby Larson

    J.A. Jance has scrolling message on her screensaver that says, “A writer is someone who has written today.”

    Let’s both be writers today!

  4. CocoaStomp

    I’m behind on my Flaneur reading, Kirby, and am excited to dust off my Secret Garden gift certificate and buy this book now thanks to you. I’ll get off my Segue for once and walk into the store after class!