Slow Bloomer

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I planted up a dozen or so pots of paperwhite bulbs to force (along the way, learning that paperwhites are Susan Patron’s birth flower. Note to self: find out what your birth flower is). All of the pots provided lovely fragrance and clean white color in time for Christmas, just as hoped and planned.

Except this one. I was just about ready to pitch it, thinking it a dud. But something made me move it to my kitchen window. Now, nearly Valentine’s Day, this bulb has presented me with a sweet surprise.

This slow bloomer on my windowsill reminds me that good things do come to those who wait — good things including paperwhite blooms and stories that make sense.

This paperwhite needed time to develop . . .

and so does my work.

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  1. Carrie

    Please excuse the repetition. I still don’t quite know where my writing will take me, but I LOVE reading your posts!! I look forward to new little encouragements and inspirations every time I check for recent entries.
    Whether or not I turn into a published children’s writer, I LOVE reading your blog!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!