Happy Valentine’s Day

What could be sweeter than starting the day off at Mockingbird Books, talking to a lovely group of folks, from 2 years old up to . . .well, legal age plus. I felt so welcomed by owner Allison, and her extraordinary staff: Geeta, Linda and Sue. If you are ever in the Greenlake area, pop in. You can browse the shelves and sip a latte at the same time.

I signed a few books and then treasured friend, Jaime Temairik and her darling fiance arrived, with a painting in tow. Neil and I had bought Jaime’s “Egg-Nog-Topus” before Christmas, thinking it would be the perfect holiday decoration for Shangri-Lar next season. And it will be! Go to Jaime’s portfolio site to check out her amazing art.

I then zoomed home, grabbed Neil (who was doing his CPA/tax season thing) and we headed north. We had a lovely lunch with his folks and mine, taking in an antique tractor show which took Neil’s mom back to her farm roots. Precious memories. Back in the car to complete our northward trek, ending up at the bay. We had time for a long walk on the beach where I collected two new heart rocks, apropros for Valentine’s Day.

We came in and warmed up by the fire and I remembered to check in on Karen Cushman’s website, where she had promised to post newly-wed photos of she and her darling husband. Oh, my goodness — I didn’t think she could be anymore beautiful than she is now but that photo reveals her inner Diva! When you get to her website, click “what’s new.’

Okay; I generally try to tie my blogs into the writing life. But today’s is simply tied to life and the people we love.

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  1. ann

    Hey, Kirby,

    I missed your “Kids heart authors” talk because I went to see Karen read at Santoro’s. That was brutal not being able to be at all places at one time. It was wonderful to meet her; I know I can’t go wrong, any friend of yours is a friend of mine.

    Happy Valentines Day, belated.

  2. Carrie

    Read your entry today and it made me want to find some heart rocks, too…
    We went to Birch Bay and had a wonderful afternoon… and I found a few to add to my collection.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend.