Falling in Love Again

The last time I feel head-over-heels it was for this really cute guy with long hair who asked me to the senior prom. (We’re still dating!).

But I have fallen in love again. Cupid pulled back his bow and I am now smitten with:

An Asus Eee 901, Sweet Pea model. Adorable in any view.

Friend Joni Sensel went off tramping through England and other environs last spring, taking with her an earlier Asus model. I try not to covet but the thought of slipping something the size of a copy of Karen Cushman’s latest book into my carry-on bag has tempted me ever since.

On April 16, I leave for a big trip. Soon, I’ll tell you where I’m going. But it will definitely be the kind of place from which I’ll want to blog. And share photos. And capture all of my thoughts and impressions.

So this Valentine’s Day, I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying myself a present.

I’ll tell Neil he can hold off on the corsage.

No Responses to “Falling in Love Again”

  1. Emilie

    Your prom pic is sooo cute:) And have lots of fun with your new toy. I want one too, but I think my current laptop has to die first for me to justify the purchase. Let me know how you like it so maybe I can push it to the top our priority list!

  2. Kirby Larson

    Info about the adventure to come. I will also report on the Sweet Pea.

    As for my other Sweet Pea, he has less hair but he’s no less adorable. I have the same amount of hair, but lots more wrinkles. And there’s definitely more of me than there was at 17.

  3. Suzanne Williams

    You and Neil are adorable in that prom pic. I never went to my senior prom, but Mark and I started dating in high school too. We’ve been married 34 years now. Sheesh, that’s a long time! I saw Mary Casanova at WSRA last weekend. She says “hi” and that she looks forward to seeing you in Missouri soon.

  4. kcushman

    Loved the prom picture. Inspired by your example, on Valentine’s Day I am going to post on my website a photo of Philip and me taken just after our wedding forty years ago. He’s still my valentine.