The Principles of Uncertainty

I’ve joined GoodReads (thanks to the nudging of several bookworm friends) and am actually enjoying it immensely. It’s an especially good way to keep track of all the books I want to read (merci to my friend, Dick, for suggesting an armful of titles to add!)

This is one I’ve marked as “read” but I don’t know that one would ever really finish this book, suggested to me by poet Julie Larios. The Principles of Uncertainty grew out of an on-line column (or blog?) that Maira Kalman did for the New York Times, inviting readers on a ramble through a year of her thinking and observations. Full of images from her sketchbooks, this is a rich, whimsical, wistful, sobering, exuberant celebration of all that we don’t know about life, with a dash of assorted hats, odd collections and cherished memories of loved ones thrown in.

The book includes two pages of photographs of number-related ephemera Kalman’s found, which reminded me of my friend, Norma, who is always on the look-out for the number 247. If you were going to look for a number, what would it be? I’m partial to 7 but it doesn’t seem exotic enough. Maybe 54? I dunno. I like the roundness of 3 numerals. What about 154? Okay. That’ll be my target.

At any rate, if you are a creator in any way, shape or form, this should be on your desk. Or in your hands.

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  1. -karen ann.

    it’s strange to me that your friend’s number is 247. mine is simply 27. and you like 7. hmmm. maybe there is magic in numbers.

    thank you for the maira kalman n.y.t. blog tip. her husband was a great graphic designer, and i loved seeing into her soul on the page where she painted the green grass and tree he’s buried under with their dog.