Friend Friday

After being a fan for years, I had the pleasure of meeting — and sharing a VRBO with!– Marissa Moss at the Texas Library Association Conference this past spring. I suspect if you looked up “prolific” in the dictionary, you’d find an image of Marissa. She has been hard at the work of being a… Read more »

Throwback Thursday

Back in 1940, 36.2% of young women lived with their parents or relatives. That is the same rate as today!

I Am So Over Writing About Strong Girls*

From this day forward, I am never going to write about strong female characters again. Even though I consider myself a feminist, a dear friend recently pointed out an insidiously subtle social value I’ve been perpetuating. In my defense, I think I might be forgiven for it: I am a baby boomer, after all. Raised… Read more »

Throwback Thursday

I’ve been immersed in WWII for research for the new book, mostly home front stories, but I came across an amazing slice of history that happened 72 years ago today. 2nd Lt. Elsie S. Ott was put in charge of the first-ever air evacuation of wounded soldiers, in this case from Karachi, India, to Walter Reed… Read more »