Friend Friday

Three of my all-time favorite books have been written by one author: Susan Hill Long. I first met Sue through her historical novel, Whistle in the Dark, which I devoured on a train trip home from Portland, Oregon and which I thought was nearly brilliant. Then I read her Magic Mirror which was brilliant. We… Read more »

Friend Friday

Katherine Marsh holds a dear spot in my heart for saying something incredibly encouraging to me, just at the time I truly needed to hear it. That she is generous and kind-hearted is not a surprise to anyone who has read her books. Once again, Katherine is being incredibly generous with Friend Friday readers. Though… Read more »

Friend Friday

One of the best things about being in this industry is the people. Really great people. People who say yes when a complete stranger (me!) reaches out to them to ask them if they’d be my Friend Friday friend. One of those great people is today’s guest, Shanda McCloskey, whose debut picture book, Doll-E 2.0… Read more »

A Dream Come True

In 2011, one of the books I am proudest of writing, The Friendship Doll, was published (Delacorte). I wish I could say the readers of kidlit loved it as much as I did, but that would be fake news. Still, I felt honored to tell a story inspired by something sweet and rare: blind faith…. Read more »

Friend Friday

I had such a blast when Michelle Dunphy interviewed me for her now-on-hiatus podcast, Authors are ROCKSTARS! She recently got in touch about something new she’s doing and I asked her if she’d share it with you. I continue to be amazed by the generosity of those involved in kidlit, some to the extent that… Read more »

Friend Friday. . on a Tuesday!

I have long admired Deborah Hopkinson’s writing and if you have ever heard her speak, she does an amazing job of giving the story behind the story of her books. If she’s ever at a conference near you, attend her session. I really love the way she gives teachers concrete ways to use her work… Read more »

Happy Book Birthday to Me!

Get out your party hats and horns! Today is the book birthday of the second of the Audacity Jones’ books: Audacity Jones Steals The Show (Scholastic). In her first adventure (Audacity Jones to the Rescue), Audie defeats bad guys who want to kidnap President Taft’s niece. In this book she not only meets Harry Houdini, shesaves a… Read more »

Friend Friday

Nanci Turner Steveson is a repeat Friend Friday essayist. Her new book, Georgia Rules (Harper Collins) is not out for a few more months (don’t worry; I’ll remind you closer to the time. But I’m sure it’s possible to preorder her book from your favorite indie bookstore!). I’m delighted to host Nanci once again! You… Read more »

School Visits!

I have spent three days this week in the amazing CyFair school district, and will spend five more days next week. I am so grateful for the warm welcome and thoughtful preparation each of the eight librarians has extended me. (Special thanks to my darling buddy, Kelley Book, who is my hostess for the visit!)… Read more »

Friend Friday

(For most of this month, I have been celebrating readers, rather than writers. Enjoy this little diversion and then stop back on December 30 for an inspirational post from the amazing Nikki Grimes!) From the get-go, my kids loved books (be still my heart!). Though they grew up a little before the cyber explosion and… Read more »