Throwback Thursday

SCH_AUDACITYJONES_PRFL_400X400This will be my last throwback to 1910 (at least for awhile; the sequel is due out in January 2017). It’s been fun providing some historical context for the first book in the Audacity Jones series, Audacity Jones to the Rescue. I’ve shared about newsboys, cars and voting rights.

I’m closing with something light. I so enjoyed the reading books written by women who worked in the Taft White House, including Secrets of the White House (1926), written by head housekeeper, Mrs. Elizabeth Jaffray (who really was Canadian, as I mention in the book). But the most comical tidbit came from a memoir written by Lillian Rogers Parks, My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House (1961), in which she revealed that Mrs. Taft “decreed that all waiters at the White House must have hair, and that no bald-headed butlers would be permitted in the dining room.”