Monday Musings

I’ve been out of touch for a very good reason: Ryan Evelyn Larson was born (a smidge early) on August 25 and we are in CA helping out the new family.


I had to share, however, something received from Barbara O’Connor. She was cleaning out her inbox and found an email where I’d been whining about, I mean thoughtfully discussing, a WIP (I think it was Hattie Ever After). I told Barbara that after several nights of being awake at 3 in the morning, I finally found where I’d gone wrong with the book. . .

chapter one.

I wish I could write in a more straightforward manner, but evidently my (painful) process is to thrash around for several drafts until I finally figure out what the story is about. This was a good reminder as I start my writing day. Nothing to look at folks; keep moving. It’s only a head-on crash between writer and words.