Book Birthdays and Giveaways, Oh My!

Two special Butterfly Sister book birthdays today: Barbara O’Connor’s WISH and Augusta Scattergood’s MAKING FRIENDS WITH BILLY WONG. My third Butterfly Sister, Susan Hill Long, launched her book in May (THE MAGIC MIRROR); my latest (AUDACITY JONES TO THE RESCUE) launched in January. For a quick recap of how the Butterfly Sisters came to be, visit Barbara O’Connor’s blog.
Butterfly Sisters

The Butterfly Sisters — me, Susan Hill Long, Augusta Scattergood and Barbara O’Connor –with our honorary member, Winston the Wonderdog

Such good news calls for a celebration, don’t you think? And presents! And do we have presents for you.
Start by checking out this #TrueFriends activity kit.
Then, visit our #TrueFriends YouTube channel (click here) to watch videos of each of us talking about our books.
The icing on this book birthday cake? A giveaway! Fifteen sets of Butterfly Sisters books PLUS four FREE Skype visits, one with each of the Butterfly Sisters. Enter to win here!
Extra points to the readers who find the butterfly references in each of the Butterfly Sisters’ books.
all books pic rotated 3
(Thanks to the amazing team at Blue Slip Media for helping organize this Butterfly Sister promotion!)