Throwback Thursday

My mother in law, Carolyn “Kelly” Larson, passed away a few weeks ago; her memorial service is this Saturday. So I’ve been thinking a lot about her. She was a child of the Depression, growing up on a poultry farm in northern Washington state. She was expected to pitch in and help — no free rides on the farm! She did get to go to college (to become a teacher) but most breaks spent at home meant work. One story she told always sticks with me. During WWII, her dad’s farm provided eggs for the powdered eggs the Army used. Kelly spent hours cracking eggs — thousands and thousands of eggs — into big vats that were taken away to undergo the process to turn them into powder.

After the egg cracking experience, Kelly vowed never to eat one of the darned things again. And she kept that vow her whole life!

Miss you, Kelly.


Kelly and Ted Larson