To my blog readers; announcing the demise of Tuesday’s poems

So I had really, really wanted to write a day poem once a week, sharing it here in it’s raw form in hopes that I would encourage others to spread their creative wings, too. . .but my life is not allowing me to work in that direction. I’ve been pulled away by family matters, school visits and book deadlines.

I have to face facts and admit that I can’t do it all. Right now, I can’t even do some.

So: from here on out, Tuesday poems are now more. I will try to use my blog as a place to communicate with my darling readers, but not in a structured way EXCEPT for my favorite quotes midweek (Wednesday Wisdom) and Friend Friday.

This season of my life reminds me of when I was a young mom with toddlers, trying to support my husband as he launched his career and struggling to find my own career path. That’s when I discovered Mr. Rogers; I turned his show on every single afternoon. My kids could care less about the Neighborhood of Make Believe but I REALLY, REALLY needed to hear someone say they liked me, just the way I was.

I’m struggling to meet writing/speaking obligations and trying to be the best mom, wife, grandma etc that I can be. The best I can do right now is beg for forgiveness and push on.